Bramley Scout Group Admissions Policy

Updated 6 September 2017

The decision whether or not someone is admitted into the Bramley Scout Group lies solely at the discretion of the Bramley Scout Group and its Executive Committee. To this end the Group Scout Leader is responsible for the waiting list but may delegate the management to an appropriate member of the executive committee.

The Group is divided into three sections. Beavers ages 6-8, Cubs 8-10.5 and Scouts 10.5-14. The Group has determined that the ideal maximum numbers for the sections are as follows: Beavers 20, Cubs 24, Scouts 24. These are not cast in stone, however any increase above 10% of these numbers will need serious consideration as it will affect the quality of the programme that the Group can deliver.

The following are the criteria in order of precedence for entry into the Group.

1. Already a member (and moving into the BSG catchment area, see 5 below)

2. Parent becoming a uniformed leader (irrespective of section). In addition, the parent will need to have 

a. completed the official application form

b. completed modules 1 and 3 of the initial Scout training

c. have an enhanced Disclosure Barring Service certificate

3. Sibling already in group

4. Time on waiting list

5. Geographical, in order of precedence

a. Bramley

b. Sherfield

c. Little London & Silchester

d. Sherborne St John


Anyone from Pamber, Tadley, and Baughurst should be directed to the corresponding group in the first instance. 

The waiting list will be maintained and if there are any gaps that can be filled members will be drawn from it. Section Leaders will liaise with the Waiting List Manager and inform them of any leavers. Consideration may be given to how long the prospective member would have left in any given section. The Waiting List Manager will then give the section leaders the relevant contact details of the new applicant and they will then contact them to invite them to join letting the Waiting List Manager and Treasurer know the outcome and completing any gaps in the contact information.

Each section must keep up to date records and notify the Waiting List Manager and the Treasurer to make sure that any spaces are filled promptly.